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This is a list of the different resources that I have used to create this blog and to create my classes as well. I was inspired when visiting a friend’s page, and although I have several pages that mention some of these apps, sites, and books, I thought it would be nice to have one central page where I listed all the tools I have found to make my job easier.

I’ll break them down into categories since this is an ever-growing and comprehensive list. Check back from time to time to see what I might have added. In fact, if you’d like regular updates, sign up for my newsletter and I’ll let you know when I’ve updated the site with more great teaching, writing or blogging information.

Website Building

I can say with absolutely no sense of doubt that by far the best site I have found for learning how to create your own blog and create a successful residual income is Wealthy Affiliate. It is more than just a site with training and hosting available. You have a huge network of like-minded individuals who have all started their own income building pages on the internet.


You can have camaraderie with your fellow newbies or learn from grizzled veterans as to what works and what does not. Plus they have a weekly live training session and a comprehensive training course that will take you through step-by-step, I highly recommend visiting there. Best of all it’s free for the first week. I visited with the thought of just checking it out and I stayed and continued learning things I didn’t even know I didn’t know!

Writing and Creating Material for Handouts

When writing your own pages it is always nice to have someone who can preview the material for you. Whether you have been writing for years or you are just starting out, we all make mistakes. Grammarly is like having an editor look at your page before publication. It will sometimes make some wonky corrections but it has caught stuff that would have made me look ridiculous if I handed it out to students or even worse published it online.

Grammarly Writing Support


The great thing is that it is free for the basic program and you don’t have to upgrade after the initial period. I used it for a month before I upgraded. The basic program will catch and correct the BIG mistakes. You can upgrade later if you’re like me and you need to have something checking all aspects of your work. Again a highly recommended program. This post was proofread by Grammarly

My Favorite Books for Teaching ESL

This list will definitely grow in the future as I find more books and links for where you can find them.

The first two books I want to list are actually not American books but I found these and repeatedly used them year after year while teaching abroad. I even made up recorded conversations on my phone to go along with the classes I created. They are both packed full of ESL activities and exercises for all sorts of skills at different skill levels.

  • Overall Rank: 5 out of 5 Apples
  • Product Description: Discussions A-Z Intermediate
  • Best Price: Amazon
  • Product Specifications: Packed with ESL Activities and Discussions for Intermediate level  ESL students

  • Overall Rank: 5 out of 5 Apples
  • Product Description: Discussions A-Z Advanced
  • Best Price: Amazon
  • Product Specifications: Packed with ESL Activities and Discussions for Advanced level ESL students

  • Overall Rank: 4 out of 5 Apples
  • Product Description: ESL Discussion Book
  • Best Price: Amazon
  • Product Specifications: Packed with ESL Activities and Discussions

The last book is also a great book for ESL discussions; however, you might have to adapt it or search online for the answers to some of the real court cases for students to discuss. There are some great exercises that I have adapted and used for many different chapters in the textbooks I have also used. All in all, it is an excellent resource for your class.

My Most Used Sites for Creating Teaching Material

I will be adding links and resources to this page as I find them:

  •  A great resource for general class ideas and job opportunities.
  • A collection of general questions for almost every topic under the sun.
  • Check back later for more great sites.

This Page Will Not be Static

As I find new materials and items, I will be adding them to this site. Please check back often. If I find something that I really love, I will probably do a separate page for it, but I will also add it here.

Thanks for visiting, and if you have any questions, feel free to leave a message in the comments below.

Always remember, Teaching English is fun!


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